HD video, 16mm transferred to digital, stereo sound
Running time: 41′ 50″

[vimeo 115791976 w=500 h=281]

Excerpt of the video

Exposure suggests an allegorical story about the process of film development, through a story of twin sisters. One of the sisters has a severe sun allergy, which makes her to be confined to a container house on a lake. Their dependent relationship slowly reaches its end as the healthy one urges the sick one to leave the house.

I wrote the story while I was contemplating about a confined world and the mental state, which can be created through such a condition. An exposure to a new environment can change the reality of this condition drastically, thus altering one’s identity permanently. I connected this process to the chemical process of film development- the effect of light (enlightenment, shock or new experience) on a material (mind) and the fixation of image thereafter.