performance still
performance still

Performance duration: 20 minutes

The performer held the rice pressure cooker in her lap, while reading a story aloud.
At the climax of the story, the pressure was released from the cooker.
The rice was later served as 2 m long sushi roll to the audience. The performance
was part of a collective exhibition under the title, <24 hour-breakfast>.

The story is in the format of inner dialogues of two people, a South Korean woman
and a North Korean defector. The South Korean woman is a victim of the
capitalistic value of appearance. She plans plastic surgery on her eyes and nose to
get a new job. The North Korean defector, after the re-education period in South
Korea, enters the South Korean society at last. He is confused by the different value
system and discrimination from South Korean people.

Their two parallel realities meet briefly at the climax of the story, but soon drift apart.