Paradise Limited

3-channel loop animation installation
Full running time: 17′ 00″
Paradise Limited_from Shangri-La catalogue

Paradise Limited is a 3-Channel video installation with sound. It is inspired from my journey along the South Korean border of the Korean Demilitarized Zone. Since the Korean War, this zone became an artificial sanctuary for near-extinct animals and plants.
The animation is about this zone as a space of possible reconciliation, propaganda and fear towards the enemy. I see this zone as an entity that is mysterious because it has not been touched by humans for many years, but at the same time dangerous, because of the remaining landmines and the tension persisting between the two nations.
The zone is a feminine entity that allures both sides of the military to enter the unknown zone. The forest undresses the soldiers, and reveals their female body. After entering a lake in the forest, their bodies merge to transform into part of the forest.