Dreaming Eggs

Dreaming Eggs
Digital video
Duration: 07′ 04″

Dreaming Eggs is based on my research on the artificial insemination industry and the side effects it caused. There are now a generation of people who have more than 20 half-siblings, sharing the same donor’s gene. When I started researching the online profiles of the donors on one of the sperm banks’ website, I discovered that certain factors come into play when choosing the “right” sperm donor. It is not surprising that many women share similar preference for the physical features and educational background. This could reflect the racial and social class of people who use IVF and also the general value of a man defined by the society. As a result, a big number of people share one biological father: a white tall male with a university degree.
It reveals the political and social environment our values are formed in, and how this affects our most personal choices.