Paradise Limited

Installation view

3-channel Digital Animation
Running time: 17:00
Dimension variable

Paradise Limited deals with the psychology of the people in a divided nation- South and North Korea. The people of Korean peninsula shared their Korean identity for about 5,000 years prior to its division. They now became estranged from each other for over 70 years. The long strip of land called the Korean Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) is one of the most heavily militarized regions in the world. The near-extinct plants and animals found their home in this artificial nature sanctuary. 

Though it looks beautiful and peaceful from far, there is an underlying sense of fear, and the real danger of stepping on the mines that were buried years ago. The constant propagandas trasmitted through the gigantic loudspeakers on both sides of the border create a strange soundscape around here. The left and the right screens show the two opposing sides, performing their identical routines.The middle screen shows the sanctuary- a mysterious feminine entity that transforms the (male) soldiers that enter the Zone into human-trees.

Excerpt from the video