Hair Tsunami

Performance, casted chalk, hair extension, eraser shoes, blackboard, piezo discs, casted resin bass speakers in the shape of a human head, audio mixer amp

Performance duration: 45 minutes

Hair tsunami is a performance using extended braid hair to write about the forgotten history of colonialism and the deletion of spiritualism in Korea and other countries. The concept of hair as the spiritual tie between the ancestor-descendent is forcefully broken by the order of the Japanese imperialists.
The performer drags the casted chalk sculpture attached to her hair on a blackboard stage, creating sounds and gestures. She wears a pair of eraser shoes at the same time as she leaves marks on the stage. The weight of the chalk creates restricted postures and movements, and as the time goes by, the strain on the neck of the performer becomes more evident.
The sound created by the dragging is amplified by the piezo discs underneath the blackboard. The sound and the vibration can be heard and felt when a viewer picks up one of the casted resin speakers on the floor.