Song from Sushi

Music and animation by Young Joo Lee
Running time: 04:47
Digital animation

Song from Sushi is an animated music video in the style of a karaoke song. The song is written from the point of view of a sushi woman, served on a sushi conveyor belt. She sings about the stereotypical depiction of Asian women as an exotic sexual object in media throughout history. She claims herself to be an illusion, a fake, which refers to the fact that the appearance reveals only one side from the whole identity of a person.

Song from Sushi – lyrics

Sushi, sushi, sushi woman
Sushi, sushi, sushi woman
Sushi, sushi, sushi woman
I am getting cold down there
Come and get me eat me right here
I am edible just till tonight
Baby, come and eat me.
I will eat you, yeah
No expiration date time no.
No, I am just plastic sushi, baby
I am forever fresh and tasty
Tasty and fresh
Tasty flesh
Think you can roll me, roll me, wrap me,
cut me, chop me, lick me, bite me
No no
I am plastic sushi sushi
I am forever fresh and flashy
You say I am from exotic land
My pussy tastes like the eastern sea
I tell you, I am a fake
I am not from that faraway
Do you like familiarity
Do you like exoticism
I am just a fish from the sea
Just like you
We are all rotating on this planet
my price is no lower or higher than yours
we are all just another fish in the ocean
Concept without concept
can we go beyond avant-garde
can we go beyond contemporary
Birth of physical body in the sea of waves
we used to be part of the whole
The earth milk feeds us through veins
Formless we were
unconscious we were
Sound and light waves
Dancing on these strings and tunes
Consumption of the grape
opened our five senses
five beauties five tastes
O-gam O-gam
what we didn‘t sense was the loss of connection
Fertilization comes from separation
Separated from the whole, the god
or is it really