Song from Sushi

Digital video
04′ 47″
Animation, lyrics and music by Young Joo Lee

Song from Sushi is the first from the series All that fakes and frauds, I am real. They are animated music videos in the style of karaoke songs. The song is written from the point of view of a sushi woman, served on a sushi conveyor belt. She sings about the stereotypical depiction of Asian women as an exotic sexual object in media and in cultural representations. She claims herself to be an illusion, a fake, which refers to the fact that the appearance reveals only one side from the whole identity of a person. It’s the easiest way to distinguish individuals but it also leads to prejudgments of individuals.
The second part of the song transitions to the time when sushi was still part of a fish in the ocean. This part questions the human ability that can only partially perceive of the whole. Meaning and identity are created through this process of partial perception. Sushi in the western world is a form of high culture, while in Japan it is not. By being separated from where it originally comes from, new interpretations emerge to fill the gap of missing information.