Systematic Longing, Perfect Waiting

Systematic Longing, Perfect Waiting
HD video | 16:9 | loop 09:15 | BW | sound stereo
Animation & sound by Young Joo Lee

„Any extension of ourselves is regarded as „auto-amputation“, and the auto-amputative power or strategy is resorted to by
the body when the perceptual power cannot locate or avoid the cause of irritation.“
– excerpt from Hans Selye & Adolphe Jonas‘s medical research on stress and disease

Human civilization stands on domesticating nature in favor of the needs of humankind. We live in an environment we created and make ourselves dependent on the domesticated environment. The controlled sphere is like a greenhouse made of glass. It’s breakable, thus in need of order and maintenance. I call this the disease of order. It is a self-induced disease that we have no cure for, because born into a ‘civilized’ human society, we do not know an alternative. We adapt our body and mind to survive in the artificial environment.