The Survivors

HD video | 16:9 | length 00:11:53 | color | sound stereo
Direction / Story / Storyboard / Animation: Young Joo Lee
Music composed by Rainer Michel
sponsored by Hessische Filmförderung (Hesse Film Funding)

In a remote future or past, all human kinds have become extinct. In a secluded city live human-like robots, called the humanoids. They live eternally and they are not aware that they are man-made robots.
When the humanoids encounter death the first time, some of them decide to leave the city in search of a solution.
Far away from the city, they meet the descendants of previous human civilization in a jungle. The humanoids are mistaken as gods by the tribe because of their telepathic ability. The humanoids observe the jungle tribe to find out their secret to life.

Excerpts from the storyboard