Threnos (for the throat)

THRENOS (for the throat)
… Ashamed and ashamed for being ashamed we look away and ask for you to do the same—

The transition from animal to meat is one that intentionally mutes the life and death of its subject. Unlike humans, these animals generally die in concealment, and the dead are not mourned. In Threnos, what is so often hidden behind the scenes is brought onto the stage in a para-liturgical rite, a performance that offers space for reckoning and reflection. Throughout, the throat acts as a kind of locus—a metaphorical and literal site of language, ingestion, song, slaughter, swallowing, and vulnerability, connecting the mourners and the mourned in their shared physicality.

Composer / concept: Jacob Cooper (USA)
Direction / concept: Karmina Šilec  (SI)
Texts: Dora Malech (USA)
Video: Young Joo Lee (KR, USA)
Set: Dorian Šilec Petek (SI)
Costumes: Tina Bonča (SI)
Light: Andrej Hajdinjak (SI)
Sound: Danilo Ženko (SI)

Performed by: New Music Theatre Choregie (SI)
Production: Carmina Slovenica 2017- 2020
Co-production: Maribor Puppet Theatre

Prepremiere: 9. 3. 2020, Minoriti, Maribor
THRENOS (for the Throat)
streaming world premiere on ODR TV #6, 14.5.2020